First a card is taken from the playing field and then pushed in again from the edge. Only then two cards will be revealed. There are points for each couple.

 2–6  7+ 15–45 Min.

› Very simple and short rules

› Promotes memory, concentration
  and spatial perception

› Combines memory and strategy

The aim

Find as many pairs as possible and collect points for them.

view a card

move cards

find couples

view a card,

move cards,

find couples

The process

The player whose turn it is takes any face-down card from the playing area and memorises the front (picture side) of the card without any other player being able to see it.

Then using this card, the player pushes another card located at the edge to move it (i.e. possibly including adjacent cards) inwards

Now the player turns over two face-down cards of their choice. If it is a pair of cards the player receives points and is on the turn again.

The highlight

If the two cards touch each other, there are extra points! So try cleverly moving the cards together before turning them over.

But keep an eye on the cards all the time, because your opponents may mess up everything again.

And if one of the two Joker pairs is revealed, the playing field is also rotated!


4frame elements
35point chips

WiWa Spiele UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Südliche Münchner Str. 2 A - 82031 Grünwald