Shiftago Express

Duration: 1–15 minutes

Aim Of The Game

2 players

The first player to form a line of five or more marbles wins.

3–4 players

The first player to form a line of four or more marbles wins.



How To Play

The player whose turn it is takes one of his marbles from its compartment in the board and slides it into a track on the board. His move is then over and play progresses in a clockwise direction to the next player.

End Of The Game

The player whose turn it is wins as soon as he has created a sufficiently long horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of marbles of his colour (see illustration on left) after inserting his marble.

Lines of marbles of other colours do not count!

If the players run out of marbles or if the board is completely full, the game ends in a draw.



Express Tournament

The first player to win ten games is the winner of the tournament. Use your marker to keep count of how many games you have won on your score card. The player to the left of the winner commences the next game.

Example 1

Blue wins after playing his turn, even though White now has a longer line of marbles.

Example 2

Orange pushes Green to create a line of four marbles (Fig. 1).

Now it is Blue‘s turn, and he could, if he wanted to, destroy the line of green marbles (Fig. 2 A), however, he overlooks this and plays a different move (Fig. 2 B).

Now Green can play any move to win the game, as long it doesn‘t destroy his line of four marbles (Fig. 3).