Bring deine Strategie ins Rollen...

The strategic board game with shifting marbles

♦ Auf der Empfehlungsliste „Spiel des Jahres“ 2017

♦ „Educational game of the year 2016“

awarded at the play fair in Stuttgart in cooperation with familie@co.

♦ 2nd place at „MinD-Spielepreis 2017

from Mensa Deutschland in the category „short time“.

♦ The strategic board game for 2–4 players aged 8 years or over.

♦ with 88 quality glass marbles

♦ in three demanding game variations.

from fast to highly complex

from family game to expert level

♦ Short and simple rules

it only takes a few minutes

to play yout first game

♦ So dare to take the challenge,

and get your strategy rolling...

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Das fesselnde Strategiespiel für zwei Personen

The exciting strategy game for two players

♦ Winner of „MinD-Spielepreis 2016

from Mensa Deutschland in the category „Complex Game“.

♦ „Educational game of the month september 2015“

by magazine familie@co.

The new strategic challenge for 2 to 4 players! Simply arrange your marbles in a line. But new marbles can be inserted from the edges only. Marbles laying at the edge and all adjacent ones are pushed one field on. As a result, the game remains in constant Motion...

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